About Us
  Named after the beautiful city of Dalian in China, Dalian Forklift Co. Ltd has been manufacturing forklifts and material handling equipment for the last 58 years. Now, a privately held company, Dalian Forklift Co. manufacturers over 120 models of equipment. Having collaborated with Mitsubishi and Nissan for a long time, Dalian has been able to develop high tech products and now on their own. With ISO and CE Certicates, Dalian forklifts bring peace of mind, efficient service, and value for money to the end user.

Our advantage is that most spare parts for the engine, the transmission, and the hydraulics are readily available in the region already because they are interchangeable with spare parts for other existing models. Parts unique to Dalian Forklifts will be warehoused centrally and with dealers, and will be available by overnight delivery service.

We hope to grow the brand steadily and speedily so that the Dalian name will soon enjoy great reputation in the material handling industry sector in Southern Africa.

Should you ever have any questions or comments, please contact us.

Thanks you!
Anthony Maliekal
Managing Director, Maliekal Imports & Exports C.C

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